i'm AUXIEKITTY aka AUXIE, like the auxiliary cord ^_^ he/it pronouns!
i am adult years old but i'm always in that middlespace -w- proud and collared transmasc furfag, so if ya dont like furries and trannies then scram!!!!
i'm an american living in australia, trying to make music my life, drawing wish-fulfillment catgirls in neon colors. and i'm currently watching the entirety of naruto :D

i love websites! my coding experience comes from tweaking tumblr themes to be just right, and plastering evanescence blingees all over my mweor cattery the age of dial-up, no doubt i pissed off everyone who came across my page. i've been expanding my music library ever since those shitty dial-up days, and since i had a strong start when streaming and cloud-storage came into the picture, i saw no reason to switch to them and never have. i still stubbornly download everything i listen to, i even used to have a separate mp3 player before i got a phone with a massive amount of storage. that was in liek...2022? xD now i am in love with and it is VERY convenient to have my phone data on so i can scrobble properly. well i think that's enough about me so enjoy the internet :3c