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Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D.

in like 2012 i bought this at target with my mom's permission lmfao, overall i think the album is entirely too long and i have to be in a very specific mood to revisit it now. like the first 12 tracks of the album are focused sonically, and it is decent listening experience. it should've ended right there. but then the robot voice comes back and says "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE ECONOMY?!" and before you know it, is giving the most 2009 lyrics anyone could possibly imagine, with a jaunty harmonica hook? huh??? "checking my account, logging in and logging out" dude... remember when ppl actually logged out...

Britney Spears - Blackout

okay, so i heard a lot of fuss about this album after #FreeBritney started happening, and wow it is EVERYTHING people said it was! what else can i say? it's britney bitch! i went out of my way to buy the japanese version because it included bonus tracks, and i guess it came from some kind of rental store that was getting rid of stock because it has "CD TIME" "RENTAL CD" stickers all over it lol


Cake - B-Sides and Rarities

my mom's friend with weird music taste gave this to me cuz she couldnt get rid of it at her yard sale. most of it is pretty good! i will say this is the BEST version of Short Skirt, Long Jacket. the extra trumpets give it a lot more life i think :3 so i really like cake now i think you should listen to Comfort Eagle
Coheed and Cambria - The Very Best of Coheed and Cambria

i bought this at walmart because i couldnt find a Coheed and Cambria album for sale and this was literally $5, i was like sure this is a low commitment level i'll just get it. this is how i found out walmart censors the cds they sell in their store by selecting the part that has the cuss word and REVERSING IT. no they dont have vocal stems they do it to the entire song and oh boy, it sucks SO BAD. RUINS ENTIRE SONGS!!!!!! it sounds like a youtube poop and not even in the funny way Dx actually i shouldn't insult ytpmvs, i've seen some really good ones out there. i still want a coheed album i just dont know which one, but as soon as i get one im throwing this in the trash
The Commodores - The Best of The Commodores

this was a secret santa present given to me, to be fair i did say "i want cds, literally any cds." i guess i enjoy it, i know comps are kinda lame compared to albums but for me it works when it comes to oldies



Evanescence - Fallen

THE ALBUM THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!! i remember being 13 at target and seeing this on sale for $5 and i was like WHAT!!!!!! you know i have to get this!!!!! i will rescue you from the clearance rack!!!! i had been listening to the same 5 Evanescence singles on repeat that i got from my uncle's computer and never got tired of them, so i jumped at the chance to buy this. as you can see from all the other evanescence albums i own IT IS REALLY FUCKING GOOD. my copy is very well loved because i carried it around with me in my bag at school for the better part of a year, i also had the lyrics booklet hung up in my locker to the full spread photo page in the middle of it bc i could not afford a poster. i literally refused to part with it most of the time
Evanescence - Anywhere But Home

one of the best evanescence performances, including one of my FAVORITE covers by them, Thoughtless by Korn! it is just *chefs kiss* exquisite! cant get enough of it! the bonus DVD is where the real treat is though. it's just under an hour and i've watched it so many times, it's so fun and cute (": watch amy dance around in circles with jeans underneath her prom dress after taking jello shots, hit mcdonalds burgers with a baseball bat, and crash Seether's performance wearing gorilla suits. i really wish it had subtitles though, since it was filmed with a camcorder it's really hard to hear what's being said sometimes )": i want to know every word please and thank you! (p.s. here is the youtube link where you can watch the entire DVD for free because i need everyone in the world to understand my feelings)
Evanescence - The Open Door

BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME HANDS DOWN. as an whole album it is a masterpiece, yet each individual track stands on its own, THATS FUCKING HARD TO DO OK! this absolutely needs more recognition it's a hugely underrated work of art!!!!!! i will put a link to my in depth track-by-track review, this will take you to Rate Your Music. it'll save precious seconds of loading time on this extremely text heavy page. just know im in love with this album! it's dark and sensual and brooding and dramatic and breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am married but i didn't get to have much of a ceremony because of COVID-19, we were planning on walking down the aisle or slow dancing to "good enough" and sometimes i cry just thinking about it. every so often i'll come home and she will be listening to this album on the stereo (-:
Evanescence - Evanescence (Deluxe Edition)

a solid album! man i remember counting down the days until this one released, something i had never done before, because i had only recently fallen head over heels in love with this band when they decided to drop a new album!!!! of course my expectations were sky-high, and at first, i REALLY didn't like this album. it wasn't anything like the first two! but over time it grew on me, and i realized it doesn't have to sound like the first two, because it's good in its own right. at the time, it was the heaviest album they'd put out, much more focused on rock and synths than orchestra, although strings were still present. the lyrics in this one are much more gothic and contemplative than any other, like "sweet sleep, my dark angel / deliver us from sorrow's hold over my heart" COME ON!!!!!! WHAT!!!! i love it!
Evanescence - Synthesis (Deluxe Edition)

ogh smooth..... i went to see this in concert with my wife in st louis!!!! it was incredible!!!! it was the first Evanescence concert i got to go to, and she had never been to a concert before. actually, she had barely been interested in music as a whole. it was an amazing experience! and we kissed after bring me to life <3 it was so crazy to watch someone really experience and understand the song for the first time, like, that is the moment that changes everything.
Evanescence - The Bitter Truth (Deluxe Box Set)

I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS!!!!!!!! this is EASILY the heaviest record Evanescence has put out, it's obvious Amy had a lot of new musical inspirations driving a fresh new sound into the group. some of the lyrics were a little bit ehhh? i dont know about "tip tippy toppy" but, alright, it's there. a lot of people have this complaint, it just doesn't feel serious enough to fit with the overall tone of the album. but! besides that! i'm very glad to hear Evanescence taking in newer sounds to incorporate in their electronic flourishes, it does a lot for making this album feel current and it proves they have the talent to keep up! few others do! (*ahem* looking at you guys, trapt, hahaha everybody point and laugh) i see a bright future for the band, i hope they put out another album within my lifetime (-: btw, the bonus disc with the live sessions is STUNNING and is a perfect set list holy shit! and the tape with snippets documenting WIPs and bits of writing ideas is sooooooooooooooooo AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I CRY I CRY I CRY !!!!! i just sit there and experience the serotonin with this one. the first time i listened to it literally took my breath away and i couldnt move. I LOVE THINGS LIKE THIS! I CANT GET ENOUGH!



goreshit - rituals

got a notification on bandcamp that this was for sale and i bought it immediately! good thing i did cuz it was completely sold out within ten minutes o_o feels wild to have this on cd, goreshit cds are highly coveted as far as i understand. i never listen to it for some reason! like i have it on my phone, i just never get out the cd and then listen to it. i guess it's not the kind of thing i usually want to listen to on cd? good album though! it has some of the best goreshit tracks imo (:
Green Day - American Idiot

once again i have purchased a cd at barnes and noble. this is my favorite green day album, i was obsessed with St. Jimmy (the song and character) for...quite some time, but to be fair it fucking slaps okay. this album has so many good songs, but i haven't listened to this on cd in a while now, it will very likely sit quietly in my collection forevermore. if i want to listen to political angst i'll go watch a climate change documentary *shrug*
Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

honestly i was shocked to find this in my collection because i do not remember buying this, and i think i only listened to it once and wasn't a huge fan. the long tracks felt justified in American Idiot, like they were going for a rock musical kinda thing so lots of "scenes" were stitched together into a few 10-12 minute songs that all flowed nicely into each other, but on this one it's just like.. idk.. is it over yet... i'm going to assume i borrowed this from my uncle and forgot to give it back and he just never noticed it was gone


Hatsune Miku - Impacts

I LOVE YOU MIKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ordered this from amazon while i was going through my uh, weeaboo phase, sorry. anyway i'm not into every song on here but there are some gems, of COURSE PoPiPo and Magnet are CLASSIQUE! cue me listening to Magnet in one earbud during class and trying not to cry even though i dont know what the words are.. i get the vibes and they are so emotional
Hoobastank - Hoobastank

this is. hoobastank's self titled album. it certainly is that. i bought this at a resale shop along with Lifer and Pig because i thought they looked cool and they were all a dollar each. i will say Crawling in the Dark is always gonna be a good song but as far as the rest of the album goes, i have only listened to it once





Lacuna Coil - Karmacode

YESSSSS A LONG AWAITED ADDITION TO MY CDS!!!! i bought this recently at a record store!!! one of my favorite lacuna coil albums ever, the Enjoy the Silence cover at the end is a treat and i have been listening to it for years already (": it comes with a mini poster, and the face on the album cover is actually a cutout! when you open the first page of the booklet, the face is there underneath, revealing the hole in the front that you can see it through. does that make any sense??? anyway its VERY cool! i will definitely be getting more lacuna coil cds!
Lifer - Lifer

got this at a resale shop because i thought it looked cool, and i will say, the older i get the more i absolutely hate this album. "i am not like you so you don't like me" wow, masterful lyricism mr lifer, thank you so much. it's all very hamfisted, and the bland nu metal chug makes the songs feel like they're dragging thru the mud... there's just nothing good or interesting going on here. go ahead and look up the lyrics to any one of these songs, i 100% guarantee you will be disappointed. holy shit stop the presses i'm updating my cd page with some new code and needed to know the year this album released, and found out THEY STARTED RELEASING MUSIC AGAIN AFTER 20 YEARS?!??!!! do i even want to know what it sounds like. Omg. LOL. UPDATE: ...IT'S WORSE!
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

this is the sound of teen angst to me. also this is an example of GOOD nu metal. i think In the End is likely one of the most overplayed songs of all time but if i haven't heard it recently then i don't bother skipping it. every other track on the album hits every time tho. a plus is that the lyrics are really easy to memorize , which makes me feel very cool, though these days i think id have to be wizard high to even consider rapping along to linkin park in front of another human being xD


Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Yn Ol I Annwn

i accidentally discovered this band while high off my ass, which is extremely fitting for this album. my wife and i were doing a google image search for 'weed wizard tshirt' trying to find one of those tacky ass wizard shirts because i want one so bad!!!! instead we found merch for Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, and i was like that name is so hilarious i have to go listen to them immediately, and i absolutely fell in love with their sound!!!!!!! it's like metal for relaxation. anyway i ran out of free streams for the album on bandcamp, so i went to see if they had any cds available for purchase - GUESS WHAT! THERE WAS ONLY ONE LEFT! it was absolutely worth the purchase, this album is masterful with its atmosphere while still delivering a sound interesting enough to pay attention to. Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard has now changed their name to "MWWB" which is way harder to remember and way less cool and honestly i have never been more disappointed in my life
Metallica - Black Album

i'm not exactly a "fan" of metallica, but i guess if there is a metallica album to own, it's definitely this one. i got this as a secret santa present from the same guy who gave me the commodores cd and haven't opened it yet. he definitely went to walmart and grabbed two random cds and then went home. to be fair i asked for "literally any cds" so... fine! i GUESS!


Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

my favorite norah jones album!!! i love soft jazzy music like this, i wish i could find more like it. her voice really suits the acoustic style, i don't understand why she didn't make more music like this!!!! put this on and light some candles, it's time to Chill!! this became my cd because i liked it so much i kept it in my room for years instead of putting it back where it goes with the rest of my mom's cds. whoops?
Now That's What I Call Music! 29

i dont know which family member gifted this to me but this was a christmas present, probably because all the lyrics are censored to hell and back. i do listen to this cd every so often when i want to be transported back in time, but god i wish it didn't start with p!nk. i cannot stand her <3 i like Got Money probably more than i have any right to, even when i was in my "pop music is fake and rap is stupid" phase i secretly liked this song LOL. Addicted by Saving Abel is a SKIP EVERY TIME i fucking hate that song i have ALWAYS found it grating and i dont fucking know why. I HATE THIS SONG. ERASE IT FROM EXISTENCE



Panic! At the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

my friend got this for me as a present for my 15th birthday! THIS ALBUM FUCKS END OF STORY!!!!!! if the cd player in my car worked this would LIVE in there!!!!!!! <3333
Paramore - Riot!

a valentine's day present; i recently rediscovered it and FINALLY i get it. i am addicted to the pop punk riffs! thank you hayley williams for this beautiful gift
Phish - Round Room

my favorite phish album!!! mostly chill, soft jazzy music, a welcome surprise from a band known to go into long, loud jam sessions. the instrumentation is much more sparse here and it fits very well! i think Round Room (the song) is either about being gay or just wanting to be outside, if earth itself is the aforementioned Round Room. well you know how i'm going to interpret it and you cant tell me i'm wrong. also if you google "round room phish lyrics" the featured result says "My room is tound when I lay dowm when I wake up it's sqare"
Pig - Sinsation

i was at a resale shop and thought 'woah, this looks cool' and bought it because it was only a dollar. i have listened to it a few times and never could quite get into it, although i find Serial Killer Thriller stuck in my head quite often. i do appreciate it and i think if i was into hardcore industrial then i would love it, hopefully someday i come to enjoy it because i really want to! i would like to Get it! to scary by far i was to scaerd
Punk Goes Pop Volume 5

i truly honestly don't remember how i got this. i dont think i purchased this. this came with a bonus cd that has "hell above" by pierce the veil and thats always a fucking awesome song. the maroon 5 telephone cover cracks me up every time i hear it because he SCREAMS "RING RING MOTHERFUCKER!" and this WAS my ringtone for like two years LOL




Siouxsie and the Banshees - Superstition

I LOVE YOU MS SIOUXSIE <3 i bought this just recently!!! i got into siouxsie in 2019 and have been wanting one of their cds ever since, spotted this at a record store for $7 and you KNOW i had to get it, even though i had never heard the album before! and you know what, it's fantastic! it's less grungy than their previous albums and more goth-pop like The Cure, lots of synths backing up the bass giving it a bouncy feeling. not what i expected but i love it!
Skrillex - Bangarang

my cousin was about to shoot this with a bottle rocket and i was like "if you hate skrillex so much just give it to me." now i have it. i still don't know whether or not i hate skrillex too because the cd plays like it's been shot with a bottle rocket
Star Wars - The Force Awakens

so here's the thing. i had just seen The Force Awakens in theaters when my brony cousin invited me to go to Guitar Center with him because he didn't want to drive all that way by himself, it is a 45 minute drive. i was like sure why not, that sounds like fun. the entire way there we listened to Asking Alexandria's first album and i couldn't tell any of the fucking songs apart until the very last track because there was a little bit of singing. it was mind numbing. then when we got there, he proceeded to play fucking Smoke on the Water and Enter Sandman on all the guitars for the next two and a half hours. i don't have a phone, i don't have an mp3 player, there is simply nothing for me to do. so i went to see what kind of merch they had to buy, and it was all Guitar Center tshirts and fucking $5 hand drums and shit that are made of garbage. but wait - they had TWO CDS! one of them was an AUDIO INSTRUCTIONAL on how to play the guitar. the other one was this, The Force Awakens. i handed the cashier my $12 that i had left over from my birthday, and i would certainly not be getting more for quite some time because i was a child, and the cashier handed me The Force Awakens. i bought this so i could have something to do besides listen to my cousin annoy everyone in Guitar Center. i stood there and stared at it for about ten minutes before i was already bored and angry that i bought this. why did i purchase this? i don't enjoy movie soundtracks outside of the context of the movie. my cousin left without buying anything.
Sordid States v.2

i bought this for waaaay more than it's worth because it was a benefit comp for my dear friend - not in a bad way, i purposely paid way over the amount that it's worth because i knew she wouldn't let me just give her money, and i wanted to support her! the compilation is actually two discs because there's so many tracks. this is another genre of music that i wish i could get into, the lyrics (at least on this comp) are shockingly personal and powerful, and that is something i really appreciate but i just can't get with the music itself. idk! i hope someday i listen to this again and suddenly fall in love with it


Taylor Swift - Fearless

i voluntarily purchased this at target long before i ever heard evanescence. and even after that i would say "i hate country music" and then go home from school and listen to this. i would even record myself singing over the songs because i liked them so much. this album is fantastic im not sorry




Weird Al Yankovic - The Essential

my mom got me this for christmas when i was 12 and i wouldn't be the same without it
Woodbox Gang - Born With a Tail

over time i have come to appreciate this album even more than i used to. the sound evokes the feeling of being drunk on a random bottle of moonshine you found in the middle of the woods, because you are lost, and the sun is going down. you're stuck here until sunrise and you know there's coyotes out here. it's almost like folk punk, but spookier? i don't know the genre name for this. anyway, hugh deneal has serious songwriting talent